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JSTH 2014

Registration is open for Academic Year 2014-15. Contact your school for further details.


Students willing to participate individually can download the Registration Form. Completing all the formalities, the form should reach us by 21st October.

JSTH 2013-14

All the winners of the National Level of JSTH 2013-14 have to prepare PowerPoint presentation on one of the topics Global issues and Research and Development mentioned in the list sent to their schools. This presentation has to be submitted to their respective schools. Last date for submission of PPT is 20 April 2014.

Message 12 Nov 2009
My best wishes to all the students participating in the contest, Mega Education team and the sponsors of the programme. .

Message 7 June 2012
I am indeed delighted to know that Sarva Samridh Shiksha Samity is organising a junior Scientist talent hunt (JSTH) test .My best wishes to Sarva Samridh Shiksha Samity for success in their mission of promoting scientific temper, particularly among rural children.
About JSTH
The JSTH program finds the talent to nurture young brains in sharpening their scientific and technical acumen. The JSTH program generates awareness among the students towards Global hazards like Global Warming, Pollution, Water Crisis, Deforestation etc.. and also on R & D programs of Indian Govt. The program also ensures education up to class XII for all the JSTH winners through its nurturing process.
JSTH Nurturing Process
This JSTH team involves itself in finding science-based talent. Then this team endeavours in ensuring quality education up to class XII for selected students. For this purpose, the JSTH team includes its management, teachers and principals. The team regularly visits selected student’s schools to closely monitor overall development of and interests in further education amongst selected students.
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